Are HART Power Tools at Walmart Worth Buying?

The lowdown on HART power tools.

HART power tool on top of wood.

Walmart’s budget-friendly HART power tool lineup is exploding in popularity. The tools are made by a reputable name but are probably best suited for at-home jobs.

When it comes time to buy power tools for a DIY project, you’ll find an array of choices at multiple retailers, and things can get expensive fast. You’ve probably noticed HART Tools recently, an affordable new option from Walmart. So, who makes HART power tools, and are they worth buying?

HART was pretty big in the 80s, offering excellent framing hammers and other tools, which is why the name may sound familiar. Since 2019, you’ll see the big white and blue tools exclusively at Walmart, where it offers a wide range of power tools in 20-volt and 40-volt, with cordless and corded options, not to mention leaf blowers and other equipment.

Whether or not a specific tool brand is worth buying depends on your wants and needs, and we’re not about to argue which brand is best. Here’s what you need to know about the HART brand.

Who Makes HART Tools?

HART Tools logo

As we said above, HART is a name that’s been around since the 80s. However, HART tools were acquired by TTI (Techtronic Industries) Group in 2007. The company is a large-scale manufacturer of tools and home goods.

Along with making HART Tools, TTI builds products for several brands, including Milwaukee Tool, Ridgid, Ryobi, Hoover, ORECK, Dirt Devil, and many more. As you can probably imagine, the company has a lot of technology and R&D to pull from and consistently offers excellent options for customers around the globe.

So, HART Tools come from the same people that make your favorite Milwaukee M12 or those bright fluorescent green Ryobi tools you’ll find at Home Depot.

A common question is, “Are HART tools the same as Ryobi?” Unfortunately, that’s a difficult question to answer. They’re the same in a sense, but they’re also different. Many HART and Ryobi tools look very similar, aside from the color, because the same company makes them both. However, they’re not the same, nor are the tools and battery packs interchangeable with other brands.

Where Are HART Tools Made?

HART Tools combo set.

HART tools are designed, marketed, and distributed in the United States. However, according to TTI, the manufacturing process occurs in China, Vietnam, Mexico, and Europe. It’s hard to trace exactly where HART tools come from. Plus, technically, some Milwaukee and Ridgid tools are manufactured in the U.S., even though TTI owns them.

In case you’re wondering, there are power tool brands from America. The “Made in USA” labeling has changed as of late, but typically tools from DeWALT, Craftsman, STANLEY BLACK & DECKER, Makita, Mac Tools, Snap-On, and others are all made stateside.

HART Tool Lineup and Impressions

Collection of HART tools

Now that you know a little more about HART Tools, what does the lineup have to offer? Turns out, a bunch of stuff.

Walk through Walmart, and you’ll find a vast selection of power tools (corded and cordless), hand tools, automotive tools, lawn and garden tools, vacuums and cleaning supplies, rotary tools, storage bins, safety goggles or equipment, random DIY accessories, power inverters, lighting, outdoor clothing, and more. The company sells a little of everything.

Are HART tools any good? While I don’t own any, I’ve used HART power tools extensively over the last year and a few of its hand tools. Honestly, I have no real complaints. In my experience, they’re pretty solid and deliver a great balance of cost vs. performance.

I own a wide variety of Ryobi tools and felt right at home while using a HART drill/driver, and the 3/8-inch impact is very similar to the model I own. The HART power tools didn’t have additional features like built-in lighting or a magnetic tray on the bottom to hold screws, a feature many love from other brands, but it wasn’t a bad experience.

Is it the best tool you can buy? No. Do they get most DIY jobs around the house done? Absolutely.

Are HART Tools Worth Buying?

HART drill driver on a wooden deck.

Power tool aficionados are passionate, and the debate of which brand is best is never-ending. And while having an excellent tool for the job is essential, especially with professional work, your average at-home DIY user might not need the absolute best.

So, is a HART tool worth buying? That all depends on your wants, needs, budget, and the task at hand. If you’re looking for an affordable tool to hang some pictures or handle small DIY jobs around the house, you’ll be fine with what HART offers.

Considering the TTI group makes HART tools, you’re getting a device from a huge name in the space. I love my Ryobi tools, have nothing bad to say about Ridgid, and HART is a similar product without a few bells and whistles to keep things budget-friendly.

Add in how easily accessible the tools are at any nearby Walmart, and it’s a solid option for those in a pinch. Furthermore, all HART power tools come with a limited 3-year warranty. Bigger 40V tools get a 5-year warranty with a 3-year battery warranty, and a lifetime warranty covers hand tools. That’s the same coverage as Ryobi.

If you already have another brand power tool, I don’t recommend HART. That’s because it’s typically a good idea to stick with one brand of tools. That way, you can continue to build on the set and share battery packs between devices.

Furthermore, if you’re a professional using these tools daily, you may want to look elsewhere. For example, Milwaukee puts tons of focus on the electrical and automotive market, and many mechanics enjoy what the brand has to offer. Other professionals prefer DeWALT, and so on. Buying the right tool depends on how you’ll use it, the frequency, and your job.

Which HART Tools to Buy

Man holding HART impact wrench tool.

In closing, as long as you know you’re not getting the absolute best tool on the market, HART is a solid option. The convenience of Walmart is a big deal, plus the wide range of options available makes it a decent choice.

As long as you’re not working giant jobs, the price-to-performance and overall value make HART power tools worth considering. Here are a few options to get you started on your next DIY project, cleaning, or quick fixes around the house.

HART 6-Power Tool Combo Set

A good starter kit is the HART 6-piece power tool combo set. You’ll get a few essential tools, a flashlight, two battery packs, a charger, and a carry case.

HART Spot and Carpet Cleaner

HART Tools makes a wide variety of products, and this spot cleaner is an affordable way to clean up after your kids or pets.

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